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How to Sell Deals and Online Coupons for a High Price

August 29th, 2012

To effectively sell deals and online coupons to voucher resellers, sellers should be aware of their vouchers' expiry dates and the recent marketplace demands since these factors will determine the final price of their deals.

Coupons that are about to expire are usually bought for a lower price since reselling companies will need to sell them immediately to avoid having unusable vouchers. This is why sellers should start reselling their coupons immediately to make the most from their unused vouchers.

Coupons that offer products, services, and access to events that are currently in demand in the marketplace are bought from sellers for a higher price. Considering that marketplace demands change at a very fast pace, sellers should seek the services of coupon reselling websites that can evaluate and make a good offer for the coupons fast.

By considering these factors, sellers can make the most out of their unused vouchers and make sure they won't go to waste.

Why Customers Should Sell Groupon Vouchers to Secondary Marketplaces

August 15th, 2012

Online coupons such as Groupon vouchers are considered effective marketing tools that elicit impulse buying from most online shoppers. However, considering certain circumstances, not all coupon buyers are able to use them. To deal with these unused purchases, shoppers can sell Groupon vouchers to a secondary marketplace.

There are a number of secondary marketplaces that specialize in buying secondhand vouchers originally from daily deal sites like Groupon to resell them for a lower price in their own website. Such services make sure that original buyers profit from their impulse purchases, while also providing new buyers the opportunity to redeem the services or products that they missed out on.

CoupFlip, for example, is a premier marketplace that buys and sells online vouchers from shoppers who are looking to get rid of their unused, impulse purchases. With its services, sellers can still profit from their unwanted coupons and rid themselves of buyer's remorse, while new buyers can make sure they never miss a deal.

Can't Make a Groupon Return? Sell Your Vouchers through Resale Sites

August 10th, 2012

Many daily deal shoppers find themselves unable to use their vouchers because of certain circumstances. In this case, getting a refund for unused vouchers is the best solution. However, according to the Groupon return policy, some deals such as food, beverages, and other perishable products are nonrefundable. Concert and event tickets, and opened DVDs, video games, and CDs can also be nonrefundable.

To make sure your purchase won’t go to waste, you can sell your vouchers through resale sites to interested buyers who missed the flash sale period. You should choose a site that allows instant processing of resale items so you can sell your voucher before it expires. To resell an item, a shopper should provide the link or URL of the original deal, and prove that he is the rightful owner of the voucher.

Shoppers who can't redeem a nonrefundable voucher can still get their money back by selling it through resale sites; while giving other buyers a chance to purchase Groupon deals they have missed.

Staying Updated with Daily Deals through E-newsletters and Social Media

August 2nd 2012

Daily deals allow online shoppers to try new services, travel to different places, and purchase various products for discounted prices. However, considering the number of new deals that are offered every day, most shoppers find it difficult to stay updated; hence, making them miss great deals. To avoid missing out on exciting discounts and the best offers, you can subscribe to your favorite deal provider's e-newsletter and follow its social media accounts.

Signing up for a daily deal website's e-newsletter will keep you updated on its new offers via email notifications. As a subscriber, you will have the privilege of receiving updates before they're even posted online, making sure you learn about the deals before non-subscribers catch on.

You can also follow a deal provider's social media accounts to receive real-time updates and other information relevant to your online shopping needs through sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

You can also visit deal websites like, where shoppers can sell unused vouchers, giving you the chance to purchase missed deals.

Savvy Tips on How to Buy Deals and Make the Most Out of Them

July 19th, 2012

Because of the big savings they offer, daily or group deal sites are all the rage today. In fact, a lot of online shoppers tend to impulsively buy deals they won't even be able to use. Even with the upfront savings daily deals offer, it's still important to be a smart shopper and take note of a few savvy tips that will help you make the most of what you purchase.

Try a new place

Instead of waiting for your favorite restaurant, spa, or salon to offer new deals, you can use deals as an opportunity to try a new establishment without spending too much for a first-time visit. Also, you can bring or invite a friend with you when the offer is too much for one sitting, a usual scenario when redeeming vouchers for restaurant deals.

Travel local

It can be tempting to buy international travel deals, but you may not have enough time to prepare for them. Instead, consider buying local travel deals and explore beautiful places in the country you haven't seen before. Who knows? The dream vacation you've always wanted could be found close to home.

Look for deals even after the flash sale ends

Deals from Groupon or Living Social are only available for a limited period of time. However, websites like buy and sell deals even after the flash sale ends. This means that if you've missed out on a deal you had your eye on, there may be a chance for you to find a voucher for sale through


Before making a purchase, you can call the business person in charge for more information regarding their items and other offers. You should also read the fine print to know more about the terms and conditions that come with the deal. You might need to take the redemption period into consideration, too.

By practicing these practical guidelines, you can be a smart and savvy online shopper who knows how to buy deals that you can put to good use.

Buy and Sell Deals to Make the Most Out of Group Buying

July 12th, 2012

Daily deals, or group buying vouchers, provide shoppers like you a great way to try out new things and indulge in something extravagant without the hefty price tag. But on the flip side, when you change your mind on a voucher you've bought, chances are slim that you'll find someone to take it off your hands. Alternatively, if you've seen a great deal only to find out that the buying period is already over, it can be difficult to find someone selling the voucher for that particular product or service.

Services that let you buy and sell deals can make it possible for you to make the most out of the vouchers you get from group buying sites like Groupon. Through these services, you can easily to change your mind about a voucher you've purchased or chase after a deal even if the flash sale is already over.

Buying a Deal

A lot of the time, people rely on word of mouth to find deals that they can buy from a friend of a friend, at an even better price than the original coupon. It happens so often that people have begun to converge online for this very purpose. A service that specializes in selling deals sold by other customers can offer additional services, like verifying the coupon for you, so you're assured that what you're buying is the real thing.

Selling a Deal

Trying to sell a deal can be a game of patience, especially when the deal is for a big ticket or niche product, like skydiving lessons or customized storybooks. A buying service can take the deal off your hands and provide you with an offer immediately, so you don't need to play the waiting game. All you'll need to do is provide the service with a link to the original deal, then upload your voucher.

If you're looking for a service that lets you buy and sell deals immediately, check out