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Ever discover a great deal too late, or maybe wonder if your favorite store has a coupon available? is the place you can come to grab all those great deals, even after the flash sale ends!

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Don’t worry, you are not alone. Many customers find they have no use for a daily deal after an impulse purchase. Now there is a solution that allows you to sell your deal in seconds!

Simply copy and paste the original URL for the deal in the field or search for the name of your deal.

We make you an offer in seconds, based on the fair value of your deal. No waiting for a buyer to come along.

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Press Coverage

Buy or Sell Forgotten Deals On CoupFlip

"The problem with timed deal sites is that sometimes you make purchases too hastily. Or, if you’re an overly-cautious type, you might wait too long and miss the deal entirely. CoupFlip takes some of this pressure off. Miss an awesome deal on Groupon? See if it’s for sale on CoupFlip. Buy tickets on LivingSocial to an event you no longer wan to attend? Sell the vouchers on CoupFlip."

Who is The Entrepreneur: Phil McDonnell (on finding the idea)

"CoupFlip puts the customers first. We buy their coupons instantly so we never make them wait to see if someone will be interested in buying their deals. Remember, these deals expire. We take all that hassle away."

CoupFlip, Led by Ex-Googler, Opens in Boston to Go After Unused Groupons

"Before you say, “Not another deals site,” well, go ahead and say it. But after an initial phase of land-grabbing, followed by consolidation, the pendulum of popular opinion has swung far enough the other way—a lot of people are sick of hearing about new deals and services—that there might actually be an interesting business here."

Perfect For You Daily Deal-Oholics: CoupFlip Will Resell What You Randomly Bought on Groupon

"Seventy-four percent off a teeth whitening? Nearly 60 percent off a Majestic Pet Bagel Bed? The complete series of “24” for $246 off? We know; the deals sound too good to be true. We also know you’re compelled to empty your wallets just to rack up the savings, no matter how ridiculous the product might sound. Oh, you realized you love 'Law & Order: SVU' more than '24,' and you have this sinking pit in your stomach that you just wasted over $100? For that, we prescribe CoupFlip."

Daily deals reseller CoupFlip plans Boston launch

"McDonnell said CoupFlip’s value proposition works because it buys unwanted deals directly from consumers and gives them an offer on the spot. For example, if a consumer paid $20 for a deal from coupon service companies Groupon Inc., LivingSocial Inc., TIPPR or Gilt City, the company may buy that coupon from the consumer for $14 and pay them using PayPal or mailing a paper check to their home or business. CoupFlip then offers the deals for sale on a secondary daily deal market."

10 Mass tech businesses give users ways to save

"CoupFlip is a startup business that pays consumers for their soon-to-be expired coupons and then resells them."

CoupFlip Is A Secondary Market For Daily Deals

"Now with CoupFlip you can upload a PDF of your deal and get cash immediately. This coupon sits quietly in the system and CoupFlip will bring it up when you visit, basing its recommendations on your location and buying habits. It is, for example, a great way to get Groupon deals... after the fact"

Tuck students launch online resale business

"CoupFlip — developed in conjunction with Fred Schwarz Tu ’12 and Mike Cwalinski Tu ’12 — provides the ability to resell coupons acquired on “daily-deal” websites, such as Groupon and LivingSocial, where buyers can buy vouchers at discount prices, McDonnell, CoupFlip’s CEO, said. The site caters to individuals no longer able to make use of the vouchers or experiencing 'buyer’s remorse.'"

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